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A Better Way to Pin

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C-47 Premium Needle-Nose Clothespins
                         (Production Clips)


Use C-47 Clips in:

Film & Photography

C-47 clips were originally created for use in Film and Photo lighting. They don't transfer heat when clipping diffusion and gels to hot lights, and the matte black finish makes them hard to notice on camera.

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C-47 Clips open 2X wider than standard clothespins, making them twice as useful in all your craft projects.


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On the Clothesline

The extra-strength torsion spring holds items firmly in place.

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For ALL your clipping and pinning needs.

C-47 clips are great for all of your clipping needs!

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C-47 Premium
(Production Clips)

Key Features

  • Jaws Open 1", 2x Wider than Clothespins

  • Matte Black, Low-Visibility Finish

  • Heavy-Duty Torsion Spring

  • Dual-Notched Design



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"Forget the power of the Sony A1 or the design beauty of a LeicaM. These clips left me gasping for air at first sight. The velvety deep charcoal finish, the faint perfume of Adirondack pine, bound together by a perfectly tensioned metal spring that can only be compared to a Swiss timepiece. This is why I love photography."

B&H Customer


C-47 History

Clothespins have been a handy tool in movies for decades, earning the nickname C-47s. Film sets are full of weird industry lingo, but why C-47?

​The truth has been lost to time... but we've collected the best of the legends for you:

  • In the early days of Hollywood, the IRS would not consider clothespins a work-related expense; unable to understand their usefulness in film production. To circumvent this, "clothespin" was changed on budget sheets to the more technical sounding "C-47." 

  • In similar fashion, it's been said that early studio heads would scoff at equipment requests from lighting departments, not wanting to fit the bill for something as simple and expendable as clothespins. To avoid this, the made up "C-47" was used in place of "clothespin," sliding right under the nose of oblivious executives.

  • The Douglas C-47 Skytrain was an exceptionally versatile military aircraft utilized by the allies in WWII. Servicemen returning to work on movie sets dubbed the versatile clothespin a "C-47" in homage to their adored plane.​

  • A Hollywood movie studio stored a cache of clothespins in a large bin that happened to be labeled "C-47." Over time, the label developed into an offhand slang that stuck. 

  • C-47 was a simple catalog number or WWII requisition number for clothespins.

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